Umutevi Charity Achivments

Umutevi Charity Achivments

 2019 <span> Achievements</span>

2019 Achievements

Iftar Projects: 3,004 families
Education support: 329 beneficiaries
Distribution of baskets: 1400 families
Water and sanitation projects: 764 families
Orphan sponsorships: 13 orphans
Religious projects: 1275 beneficiaries
Shelter support projects: 191 families
Financial grants: 380 families
Sacrifice projects: 2,850 families
Undergraduate scholarships in Turkey: 32 undergraduate students
Total beneficiaries: 10,238
For a Brighter Future

For a Brighter Future

Umutevi Association aspires to increase the number of families and individuals who benefit from it year after year. Since the association was launched in the first year of 2019, the number of beneficiaries reached 10,238 in northern Syria and Turkey.

While the number of beneficiaries increased in the second year of 2020 to 12,253 beneficiaries in northern Syria and Turkey, an increase of 20% in the number of beneficiaries compared to the previous year.

 2020 <span> Achievements</span>

2020 Achievements

Iftar Projects: 150 families
Education support: 462 beneficiaries
Water and sanitation projects: 2,255 beneficiaries
Religious projects: 7,450 beneficiaries
Shelter support projects: 462 beneficiaries
Financial grants: 625 beneficiaries
Sacrifice projects: 1,040 beneficiaries
Medical support: 35 beneficiaries
Anxious relief: 184 beneficiaries


Total beneficiaries: 12,253
 2021 <span> Achievements</span>

2021 Achievements

Iftar Projects: 400 families
Education support: 358 beneficiaries
Water and sanitation projects: 400 beneficiaries
Religious projects: 2,532 beneficiaries
Financial grants: 216 beneficiaries
Sacrifice projects: 8,008 beneficiaries
Medical support: 35 beneficiaries
Total beneficiaries: 11,549

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