Towards a Brighter Future

Based on the interest of Umutevi Charity in education, and in recognition of the importance of the educated youths' role in building the future of Syria, and to help students follow up their academic achievement, the charity has launched the Mahmoud Educational Scholarship. This scholarship supports Syrian university students based in the Republic of Turkey to pursue their educational attainment to provide the Syrian society with a group of distinguished university graduates.

About the Project

The Mahmoud scholarship project was launched in October of 2019, ten months after the opening of the association. In the first year, 2019-2020, 37 university students were accepted into several Turkish universities. 

In the second year, 2020-2021, 55 additional students were accepted, distributed in many Turkish states, and various university majors. The terms for students to be accepted by the Al-Mahmoud Scholarship were as follows:

  1. To be an immigrant student in 2018
  2. That the student is financially unable to continue his educational attainment.
  3. The student must be able to abide by the decisions of the scholarship administration and the accompanying cultural program.
  4. That the student maintains an average of not less than 70%.

Therefore, an assessment was made every three months to evaluate the student’s academic performance and his engagement in the social and educational activities that the charity provides.

Cultural activities, training, and recreational programs provided by the association:

The association is keen to provide social programs that include a weekly session to discuss a specific book chosen for reading by students with one of the specialized professors. Also, the charity hosts periodic meetings with intellectual, cultural, and political figures to see their distinctive experiences.

Annual summer camps are also held, which include sports, recreational and cultural activities. Discussion sessions took part in the summer camps as well.  

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future