Dr. Mohammad Haitham Al-Khayat scholarship

Together, We Bring Hope to the Nation with its Youth

In honor of Dr. Muhammad Haitham Al-Khayyat (1937-20), a physician, writer, author, and scholar in Islamic law, Umutevi Charity launched a grant in his name for Syrian students. This scholarship targets students who want to study at the University of Gaziantep and the University of Aleppo (Northern Syrian Branches).

Who is dr. Muhammad Haitham Khayat

It is challenging to live in a world with accelerating economic and political changes, but become a literary doctor, a scholar of Islamic law, a linguist, an author, and a master of six languages.

Dr. Muhammad Haitham Al-Khayyat, son of Damascus (1937-2020), whose name has shined in recent decades in various fields, while holding high positions on a global and regional level.

Thus, in honor of his scientific efforts, Umutevi Charity and the Education Without Borders Foundation “Medad” named a grant in his name for Syrian students.  The grant targets the students who want to study at the University of Gaziantep and The University of Aleppo.

About the Scholarship

The scholarship began its activities on the first of November and guaranteed 200 students from all disciplines. The grant provides students with monthly financial support for 12 months, that can be renewed for another year.

It also provides social activities and training programs to enhance the student’s skills. These activities are provided during summer camps and training courses throughout the year. The program provides other activities to enrich students’ knowledge, such as reading books, watching various videos about civilizations and developments, and many experiences, at a rate of 100 hours. Also, the administrative supervisors hold monthly meetings to follow the students’ progress.

In addition, the grant encourages volunteering work, which has high human value, and inspires students to follow the path of success.

Project Achievements

The Dr. Muhammad Haitham Al-Khayat grant project was launched in partnership with Education Without Borders (Medad), noting that the project steps were as follows:

1. Announcement of the registration link for the scholarship

2. Allowing students to apply for the scholarship according to certain conditions.

**Note: Nearly 1,000 students have submitted their applications, and 200 of them-(40% female)- were nominated by The University of Aleppo and Gaziantep University in Turkey.

3. Later, the accepted students have signed an agreement that explored their rights and duties.

Seven members of the two partners supervise the progress of the grant. The scholarship also includes cultural, intellectual, and recreational activities within an accredited program. In addition, students can attend summer camps; to engage in different activities. The last camp took place in Mersin last August. Umutevi Charity seeks to renew the scholarship, including various cultural and social activities for the next academic year.

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future