Hygiene and food baskets project

“And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive”

In an urgent response to the challenging conditions of the displaced families in northern Syria,Umutevi Charity launched the health and food baskets project intending to support the displaced families financially and morally until they settle and integrate into the new society.

About the Project

The hygiene and food baskets provided two baskets. The first basket contained hygiene materials (materials needed to clean the house or tent and personal hygiene products). The second basket contained basic foodstuffs (such as rice, flour, bulgur, oil, etc.) that were sufficient for each family for a certain period.

These baskets were distributed to displaced families in northern Syria, as this idea was borrowed from the needs assessment process carried out by International organizations in areas that have experienced catastrophes, wars, or natural disasters.

Project Results

Most of the hygiene and food items were approved based on those listed by international organizations in the components of their baskets.

The charity’s team, after coordination with local authorities, began counting the number of needy families. Then, they prepared the baskets to distribute them in the cities of Al-Bab, Azaz, and Afrin.

As for the hygiene baskets, 187 baskets were distributed in Al-Bab, 15 in  Azaz, and 98 in the city of Afrin. Thus, the entire quantity of the 300 hygiene baskets has been distributed. On the other hand, 1,200 food baskets were delivered to the displaced families.


Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future