Pre-University Student Support Project

“Education builds houses that have no backbone”

The education sector is one of the most important sectors that build an educated society and generation, and the primary pillars of this sector are teachers and students. Therefore, believing in the importance of knowledge and learning, Umutevi Charity has launched various initiatives to support high school students, students entering university, and teachers in northern Syria.

Supporting high school students (Al-Mahmoud Scholarship)

Umutevi Charity, through this activity, provided financial support to 55 students to complete the pre-university study stage in Afrin, Al-Bab, and the surrounding villages. Therefore, financial support was provided to 10 students from Yakhour village, in addition to 50 male and female students from Al-Bab city.

Also, 13 students from Al-Bab city got school scholarships to prepare for their undergraduate studies. The students benefiting were divided into 55 students from Al-Bab city and 73 students from Afrin.

Also, as part of this initiative, Umutevi Charity provided financial support to 100 schoolteachers who are displaced from Eastern Ghouta to provide them with basic needs until they re-engage with the host communities.

YOS course for high school students in Afrin

The second part of the project targeted to support and prepare students who want to study in universities. The charity provided a training course on the Turkish university admission test for foreign students YOS in the north of Syria, specifically Afrin city.  25 displaced students entered the program for six months. They studied the entire curriculum and got YOS books as part of the scholarship program.  The project started in September of 2019 and ended at the end of February of the year 2020.


Study house initiative

Also, the Study House initiative was one of the phases of the Student Support Project. The project has started from the beginning of February 2020 to the end of July of the same year. This initiative provided a house for 14 students in Afrin city to live and study there.

It was prepared to provide the students with the appropriate environment to continue their studies, especially after losing shelter and becoming displaced from Idlib Governorate.

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future