Suqia Al-Khair

“We made from water every living thing “

Securing the basic needs of small villages, which received large numbers of immigrants and displaced people, is one of the most important goals of the House of Hope Association. Since clean drinking water is one of the most significant sources of life, the House of Hope Association launched the “Suqia Al-Khair” initiative to support the people of Al-Bab city.

About the Project

Proceeding from the importance of clean drinking water, the House of Hope Association, in cooperation with the Urgent Response Committee in Al-Bab city, set up a watering project Al-Bab in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The project aimed to support families and secure their needs for clean drinking water to carry out their various daily activities.

Water projects are considered one of the most significant vital projects that the association is keen to implement and renew, as the areas of the northern countryside of Aleppo suffer from a water shortage.

This critical situation is due to the accelerating number of displaced families, with the presence of the original population, which makes these villages suffer more and more.

Therefore, it was essential to establish many irrigation projects to serve the people.

Project results

The displaced families in Al-Bab city got water vouchers to provide them with clean drinking water for a month, free of charge.

Governmental institutions are trying to solve the water problem in the city with its available capabilities; The House of Hope Association contributed nearly 1,500 vouchers to provide water to 555 indigenous and immigrant people.

Annual summer camps are also held, which include sports, recreational and cultural activities. Discussion sessions took part in the summer camps as well.  

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future