Suqia Salsabil

“We made from water every living thing“

In conjunction with the work on the project to provide the primary services for the villages of the northern countryside of Aleppo, an urgent need has arisen to construct water wells in those areas. Several wells and water tanks were established in the villages of Kafr Rom and Arab Buran.

About the Project

Many water wells and water tanks have been constructed with a capacity of up to 11 thousand liters per tank. In addition, multiple solar panels have been added to extract water for free and without the need for electric generators or additional equipment. This process contributed to providing the villages of Arab Buran, Kafr Rom, and Ali Jaro with the needed water for drinking and use.

  From this standpoint, work has been done on:

. Construction of a well in the village of Kafr Rom, next to the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque.

. Construction of a well in the town of Ali Jaro next to the Al-Tawheed Mosque.

Project results

The first well was built in Arab Buran town, located between Azaz city and Deir Sawan, and contained 100 families plus the recently displaced families. The House of Hope charity has dug a water well next to Al- Mahmoud Mosque, which was also established by the charity. This water well will serve the worshipers and the people of the village. It also added a water tank to store water and then distribute it with a pump. The pump is connected to a solar energy unit to ensure that water is available around the clock.

In addition, a water fountain was built to serve the passerby on the road between Azaz and Deir Sawan and the surrounding villages with clean water suitable for drinking and use.

Another water well was established in Kafr Rom town, next to the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque, the one The House of Hope has built before. Like the well in Arab Buran, the structure serves the town and its tenants. The well is equipped with all the needed tools to ensure the availability of water round-clock.

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future