The House of Hope Institute

“This Qur'ân, assuredly, guides to that which is most upright”

To support the Holy Qur’an memorization centers in Afrin city, Umutevi Charity, in cooperation with the Department of Endowments and Religious Affairs in the Afrin region, launched Umutevi Institute project for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an. The institute aims to spread the Holy Qur’an memorization centers in Afrin and surrounding villages.

About the Project

This project has been ongoing since the foundation of The Umutevi Charity. It aims to activate the Holy Quran memorization centers in the Afrin region.

Throughout the years, Afrin city has been subjected to a process of ignorance at all levels. From here, the importance of this project emerged to support and enrich the memorization of the Noble Qur’an in the city and the towns around.

Umutevi Charity has established eight schools, in which approximately 1,200 students from the age group between 8 to 18 years attend classes. Around 60 skilled teachers supervise the students. 

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future