The sacrifice project 2019

“That [is so]. And whoever honors the symbols of Allah - indeed, it is from the piety of hearts.”

Over the recent years, thousands of displaced families in the regions and cities of northern Syria are still suffering from tragic situations in the absence of the basics of a decent living. These conditions are getting worse year after year due to the increase in the number of displaced persons, which makes the opportunities for people to secure the necessary basics of life diminish. Therefore, the House of Hope association was keen to take advantage of seasonal events to improve the living conditions of these families; the sacrifice project was one of the projects launched by the association and is working to renew it annually.

About the Project

Year after year, the feasts still pass on needy families, especially in the northern Syrian regions, and they still live-in tragic situations such as securing places to live  and finding the primary necessities such as food, medicine, and water. Despite the ongoing projects carried out by charitable organizations, which contribute to securing the minimum needs of life, meat is rarely eaten once or twice a year by the families there.

The House of Hope Association seeks to take advantage of the charitable seasons to help families with poor living conditions and bring joy to their homes, tents, and children.

Eid al-Adha season was a great occasion to offer the meat of the sacrifice to those who deserve it and need it.

Project results

In the 2019 project, the House of Hope Association coordinated with some local committees in Afrin and Al-Bab to sacrifice 95 cheeps in Afrin and 54 Al-Bab.

The meat portions were distributed evenly among the displaced families from Eastern Ghouta and needy families in Afrin and Al-Bab, bringing the number of rations distributed to 2,850.

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future