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If you are virtuous in giving money, then you are better at giving knowledge

No nation can reach the ranks of progress and development without education, and the balance of life cannot be adjusted without it. In the interest of the Umutevi Charity to provide all possible educational opportunities for school and university students who live in severe conditions and lack opportunities to complete their education, the association launched the YOS scholarship project. The scholarship is concerned with preparing high school students for the university entrance examination in Turkey for foreign students called "YOS."

About the Project

Umutevi Charity, in partnership with the Education Without Borders Foundation “Medad” and the Al-Nada Foundation, launched a project to prepare students at the pre-university level to take the YOS test required by Turkish universities as a condition for admission.

To achieve their dreams of completing their education,  students got a full free scholarship which includes continuous follow-up and supporting worksheets. The program provided training exercises and comprehensive periodic exams to prepare the male and female students for the exam.

Project achievements

The applicants took an exam, so the results determined the accepted students; after that, the organizers launched the scholarship program for the accepted students.

The course was held in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey. Forty students were accepted into the scholarship program, divided into two divisions, and the project lasted for seven months under the supervision of a group of distinguished teachers.

Annual summer camps are also held, which include sports, recreational and cultural activities. Discussion sessions took part in the summer camps as well.  

Let's Make a better Future

Let's Make a better Future